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Noodle and Spinach Pizza

October 20, 2013

Saturday morning! Yeaah, I’m home. Time to sleeping beauty ~qiqiqi~. It was already a year I haven’t back to the kitchen (really make something new). Heeyy, what kind of woman are you? Hahaha. My friends always ask “I didn’t find your review recipes anymore, why?”, me “did you see I’m post something during a year, hehe?”. Yup, I’m very lazzyy. I just wanna sleeep. Zzzz.

But, now I’m little insyaf. I’ll try to make something. Open the fridge, search anything that I can use. Gotcha! Here there are : cabbage and kemangi (do you know how can I got these? ini adalah sayuran yang ada di besek selametan, ibu saya selalu menyimpannya -baca: saving budget belanja, red), spinach, egg, chillies, carrot, little mayonase, chili sauce and the last : instant noodle (expire : november 2013, then my mother said “november is still long time kok des! -_-‘). I just nod! #ngalah.

What will you gonna do? I just wanna makes noodle pizza with more spinach. Simply right? *pemalaaas*. Boils the noodle. After finish just mix it well with all vegetables and egg. Don’t forget to put slices of onion and garlic. Then here it is…

Noodle and Spinach Pizza -1-
Noodle and spinach pizza. Is it a healthy food? Hmm… not really I think. Hahaha. It is simply to breakfast. Well, I know better than drink fruits and vegetables juice. But, I just use anything than I can use. Daripada layu, kan mubazir ;p.

Noodle and Spinach Pizza -2-
Well cooked! *belagu*. Harusnya di plating nehh, biar cantik. Hehe. The taste? Yummy. Enak!. Kayak Okonomiyaki #eh, beneran! trust me!. Saya menyebutnya ini makanan pengalih kebosanan. Bahan dasar sama : instant noodle, tapi kayaknya nggak asyik kalau cuman jadi mie rebus atau mie goreng ajaa. Bosen. Jadi intinya…, makan indomie juga! #nah, kesebut kan mereknya ;p.

Depok, October 19th 2013
Saturday morning with if you were mine by Bed and Breakfast

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