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Japan Matsuri 2012

November 16, 2012

Today, I tried so hard to found my Japan Matsuri’s pictures after I LOST my ‘smartmate’. FIUUUHHH. Finally, after found Instagram for PC and reset my password, I got my pictures. Alhamdulillah. Later, I’ll tell you how I lost my ‘smartmate’, hiksss. It was really hurt. Indeed! #nangis darah

Oke, let’s forget about my ‘smartmate’, I mean forget for a WHILE ;p.

Everyone need to refresh their mind, whatever the reasons whatever the ways. Honestly I didn’t wanna say I’m tired. But, I wanna say that I’m really-really-really tired!! Life become more hectic beyond our imagination right? #belagu -_-“.

One week before Sunday, September 30th 2012, my best friends offered me to go to Japan Matsuri at National Monument’s Area, Central Jakarta. DEAL. Beside wanna refresh my mind, I also curious about japanese culture and wanna hunt some photos then write it down on my blog. ISENG. That day was such a BEAUTIFUL day! Lucky me having friends like them -_-“. Yes, a friend who letting me wait for hours until made me ‘mati gaya’ (baca : nunggu sambil lying down on PGC’s Mosque a.k.a leyeh-leyeh di Masjid PGC *belum dateng*, terus turun : sight seeing on PGC *masih belum dateng juga* until pegel-pegel standing in halte busway on daylight, berasa di grill, really hot! *akhirmya dateng juga*). But, alhamdulillah, 장동건 씨 always standing in front of me #segalanya terurai, 그 사람은 cheer me up! so I can smile again! (dear : Endah 언니 and Iche 씨 = jangan protes!). Untung cuma dua punya temen yang begini -_-“, eh.. yang satu malah maghrib munculnya #geleng-geleng. See? How patiently I’m waiting for you guys??! #ngelap jidat.

When we arrived, the area was so crowded. After pray, we watched japanese traditional dance, Taiko (baca : strike a drum performance). It was too far, so we couldn’t see and take pictures clearly (nah, gambar yang di atas, saya juga tidak tahu apa namanya -_-“). I thought, next year better I come on weekdays! No 사람들이 많이있었어 at least I’m not felt dizzy just because many people hither and thither around me. Well, I just whispered ‘don’t let these people break up your consentration girl and just killed the dizziness with took picture!‘ #kaya fotonya keren ya, padahal mah nggak -_-“.

Here I got the Mirai Carnival. Mirai is one of ocha brand and it just lunched on Japan Matsuri 2012. I love their expressions. Semangat banget ya…

I turned my step to see the food festival. Hey, don’t ask me about the name of all that food. LUPA. But, one think that I’m quite sure is if you were me, you also feel what I felt #you’ll lost your appetite first. Because many people queueing up to get their food. WUAAHH. Saking crowdednya, no space to took picture too. So, I just got that picture. The chef’s expressions when got orders from customers.

And this one. See? can you guess how long they have been waiting for that food? they have same expression ya? ;p.

Dari sekian banyak pertunjukan dan keunikan kostum-kostum yang dikenakan para pengunjung (baca : aneh). Ada satu hal yang menarik perhatian saya. Suara alunan gitar yang sangat CRUNCHY terdengar. Dan… saya langsung jatuh cinta! Kata Endah 언니 namanya DEPAPEPE (デパペペ). Nah, ini DEPAPEPE Indonesia. DEPAPEPE is a music group originating from Japan. The acoustic guitar duo is composed of Miura Takuya (5 April 1983) and Tokuoka Yoshinari (15 July 1977). BAGUS. Well, I prefer stay over here for hours than watched performances on main stage. Hehe. I really loves when they playing ‘START’. CAKEP DEH!

Nah, cowok-cowok yang ini juga tidak kalah kerennya. CIAMIK deh. Suka dengernya. Have you ever heard this instrument?? Here I give you the link DEPAPEPE-START. Just listen, you’ll love this guitar acoustic. Trust me!

Sadly, the performance ended. So, I continued look around from one stand to another stand. I love the way Japan promote their country. Kalau tidak salah, saat ini diberlakukan visa kunjungan sementara berkali-kali ke Jepang. Enak kan? Spend moneynya yang nggak enak -_-“. Nah, yang menjadi pelipur lara karena belum bisa mampir-mampir ke Jepang adalah Channel of Japan, you can watch every sunday on 07.00 AM after Talkindo program on METRO TV. I loves that channel very much. Hopefully, Channel of Korea will be coming soon.

Eh, can you see the man who used white shirt? I saw him never tired explain everything to every Indonesian visitor about Japan. Specially GIFU Island. Why I took that picture? I don’t know. Saya suka saja ketika melihat orang-orang Korea dan Jepang saat berbicang-bincang formal, kenapa ya?

And the last one, yang tidak luput dari perhatian kita semua. Bagaimana event ini cukup aware dengan sampah. Itu yang saya suka dari Jepang.

Nah, ini picture saya ambil dari instagramnya Endah 언니. Ini adalah Jakarta Osoji Club, relawan yang mengajak seluruh pengunjung membuang sampah pada tempatnya. Well, that was good education for Indonesian people.

Ahh, 고마워요 엔닿 씨 과 이츠 씨. 난 아주 좋아해요. Well, 그냥 생각 ‘언제 난 JICA에 아니면 KOICA에 일하를 할게요?’, hiksss. Tolong terima saya, jika ada orang JICA or KOICA yang membaca ini. Hehe.

Saya tidak sempat melihat closing ceremony-nya, cause I’ve back to go home. I left many homeworks and I haven’t finish yet. 미안해요…

Even kaki pegel-pegel cause waiting for you guys, but I really love you, always. Next time, Insya Allah, If both of you haven’t stay in Korea for a long time, kita hangout bareng lagi ya :).

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