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#Erorr Report

October 21, 2012


One day, my headmaster said “I’ll send you, with two teachers to attend seminar about ‘Math For The Real Life’ on September 19th, 2012”, then I said “but, i’m not a math teacher?”. She said “the keynote speaker is professor from University of USA, so I’ll send teachers which good in english and don’t forget to share what you’ve got with others, especially math teachers”. GUBRAAK. I just whispered “you choose wrong person Ma’am” -_-, hikss.

Then the day comes. Lucky me. Two of my friends very excellent in english. So, I just follow them #dududu.

Metromini 62. Pasar Minggu – Pancoran. I was staring out the window. Well, it has been long time, l didn’t go to Pancoran – Gatot Subroto. Everything still the same. Macceeett. Ah, really miss my former office!

Mulia Bussiness Park Building. Seminar has already begun. 우와… 사람들이 많이있었어. I saw Ms. Anci sitting in the front, then I choose sit on the corner. Search a good place to take picture #ngeless.

Well, I try took a deep breath, then focus to what the proffesor said #lebaay. THINK HARD . MORE HARD. Ten  minutes has passed. STILL BENGONG . Kening semakin berkerut. Hhhffftt, what is he talking about actually?? What kind of formula is that??. The more I try to understand, the more I got nothing. YAWNING. Okay, so let kill the time with chatting! Hehe *hey, don’t let my headmaster read this blog*

SUDDENLY…, one voice break my concentration! #means : concentration when I was chatting ;p. That person reply what the proffesor explain before. With his own style *catet ya*. Then, everything in my mind, CHANGES!. Eh, kok jadi ngerti ya. Hehe. I glanced at the person who has break my concentration. Then I whispered ‘그럼 이 세미날이 going 재미있어!’ *tanduknya muncul*. Hehe. I didn’t have to wait to know who he is. Well, two of them really make me in awe! Wise, smart and little crunchy when answers all the questions.

The seminar going interesting and inspiring than I expected #haha. Over all, this event very good. There are many teachers, lectures and also parents. We discuss many things about math and some way how to teach math for kindergarten until collage. I think  this event should be sustained, to find the best fun learning method. Thank you Sampoerna School for this event.

Always feel great when we meet smart people and wanna share their experiences. That’s what I feel. They are really inspiring. Meet a new people and share about anything. Gives us new energy. Makes our life become life!  Pokoknya bener-bener for the real life deh! #tendensius

Done! So Ma’am, this is my final report —> share with others what i’ve got from that event. Just it is, no more! I really can’t remember more ;p #minta dijitak

05.30 PM, sitting at Trans Jakarta, trapped in a rush hour!
As I said before, my boss was wrong chosen me to this event #errorr dah jadinya

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  1. March 23, 2013 10:30 PM

    ntar kasih tahu bu atin aaahhh biar baca tulisan ini wkwkwk


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