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October 20, 2012


It just a silly conversations between me and my best friend on whatsap at midnight. I mean i’m the silly one. Not her of course. She never stop to give me advice to get married. Uppss… sorry, it’s not advice actually, but yelling, then I just cover my ears with earphones -_-“.

Well, behind the silly conversations, something meaningful always came up! trust me. Silly because its honest and came from the bottom of your heart!

I don’t know when those conversations start. But, suddenly we talk about think different. She with hers and I with mine. She is adore Steve Jobs very much and l also. She is apple minded, and I ??? of course not!!! I don’t have budget to buy that one. Haha.

Then the conversations begins.

My Friend : Hmm, iphone itu tahan banting, dihajar apa aja tangguh, nggak rewel, nggak main virus!
Me : Yaa, I knew it!
My Friend : Sempet pake Blackberry, tapi nggak pernah ‘klik’ sama Blackberry even banyak orang yang pakai. Mau pakai Samsung, tapi masih ganjel di hati…
Me : Because iphone ‘klik’ with your character isn’t it? So, can I say ‘smartphone like soulmate’, something that represent you!
My Friend : Yup…, awalnya sih nggak kepikiran
Me : That’s why I choose mine, after compare with another, this phone give me what I need, even I really want Samsung Notes in my hand for bloging, but this is enough. No budget apalagi iphone #bayar sekolah pake apa? daun?? -_-‘
My Friend : Pemikiran otak kiri tuh, kalau otak kanan iphone itu murah —> long lasting!
Me : It’s too smart for me #ngeless, but if there is someone wanna give me iphone #nggak nolak!. We can’t force people to use mine. Whatever. Either iphone, Samsung, LG or HTC, cause they have their own idealism, needs and style. For you iphone is the best one that represent you! then for me, this optimus is enough!
My Friend : Iya sih….
Me : So, you know the answer why you haven’t change your iphone with another. I’ll use this anology to answer your question to me. The way I find smartmate. Haha. When we choose smart phone, bukan sekedar bicara life style, tapi sesuatu yang melengkapi kita. Kita paham kebutuhan juga aktivitas dengan kapasitas smart phone yang kita pilih. Eksplorasi potensi. Finally berkembang dan menjadi sinergis. Like a patner. You can called it ‘klik’, tenang, without something yang mengganjal even kita sudah tahu banyak kelemahannya. Then until the end we still said —> this is the best one! even banyak yang mungkin jauh lebih baik.
My Friend : Tetep bedaaalaaahh, masa disamain kaya smartphone *sigh*
Me : Setidaknya analoginya hampir mirip *maksa*.
My Friend : Aauuuu aaahhhh

Well, it just a silly analogy. The difference is smartphone itu benda mati, then smartmate itu benda mati juga, haha #tambah bodoh -_-“

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  1. March 23, 2013 10:34 PM

    moga smartmate segera membantu menemukan soulmate wkwk



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