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Ramen 1

August 24, 2012

When I go to Margocity, actually on weekend, this resto always full service and waiting list for booked. I wonder, enak gitu? Finally one day exactly on weekdays, I went to this place with my teacher’s partner. She said “Ramen 1 : recomended than Gokana Tepan”. Oh gitu ya.

Then here the Ramen and Ocha. I’m forgot the ramen’s name. I ask her “this is the real looks ramen in Japan? cause I always eat ramen just with kuah bening (baca : kaldu), is it milk?” then she said : “yes, it’s milk”. Hmm, lumayan. Harganya juga CUKUP standar. *ini di traktir lagi lho* ;p

Interior designnya seems like kedai-kedai jepang on movie. No wonder if a lot of people hang out on this place. Taste and pricenya CUKUP friendly. 정말 감사합니다 for Ms. Susi :).

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