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August 23, 2012

First thing first, me and my family wanna say : “Taqobalallahu minnaa wa minkum shiyamana wa shiyamakum. Ja’alanallahu waiyyakum minal aidin wal faizin. Kullu ‘amin wa antum bikhair. Happy Ied Mubarak 1433 H”.

Two days after Ied al Fitr, 언니 have plan to go to Setiabudi One using her voucher on 삼원집. Yes, korean cuisine. Little worried when asking our family to go there, cause taste of korean food not common in lidahnya orang JAWA ;p. 언니 said : “we need person who like trying new taste experiment in culinary”. Finally we ask our cousin to join with us. We likes her, cause she knows our habit so well without complaint *harus clean the dish meskipun nggak enak!* #mubazir itu bayarnya pake uang ;p.

Depok – Setiabudi, with Trans Jakarta. Just around 1 hour! I love Jakarta on Lebaran. I wonder if every day Jakarta like this, do I take that offering? *glanced at Menara Kadin* #haha

Arrived. Oke this is 삼원집 menu. You can find this resto on Setiabudi One Ground Floor.

That’s 우리 언니. Nice smile but actually those foods out of from her expectation #haha. Well, completely now! She really doesn’t like East Asia Cuisine. Padahal korean food itu cukup friendly menurut saya, karena over cooked, available sama lidah Indonesia dibanding Jepang punya, tapi mungkin bau fermentasinya yang not everyone can’t accept.

After the 반찬, side dish. Here 돌솥 비빔밥. As I wrote before in 한강 레스토랑, this is the recomended menu 돌솥 비빔밥 and two of them agree.

My cousin : “apa yang dimakan ini Mba?”
Me :”ini side dishnya then this is Bibimbab, just eat like when you see korean drama or movie” *sambil senyum-senyum*
My cousin : “rasanya begini doank??! wah, lebbay emang orang korea!”
My sister (안니) : “emmbeeerrr!”
Me : “makanya jangan mau dikibulin sama film korea” #ngakak
My cousin : “emang masakan Indonesia, juara deh!” *sambil ngibarin bendera merah-putih* #lebbay

This one is 떡봌이. Honestly I prefer 떡봌이 in 한강 than in 삼원집. Pekat dan… keras, kayak penghapus -_-‘.

Nah, ini 김밥튀김스페셜. Kimbab Goreng. Komentar mereka : lumayan friendly *laahhh, iyaaa wong itu nasi* #lidah and perut indonesia bangeett -_-‘

These are 만두전골 and 김치찌개. Mandu Jeongol dan Kimchi Jjiggae. Basicly tastenya sama. Same like 떡봌이, soupnya terlalu pekat.

Then, that’s the bill! Lucky using voucher buy one get one free. 언니 will be grumbling all day long if she must paid 300.000 IDR, yang ingredients-nya standar *nggak worth it katanya* #hehe. Yup, for taste and price I prefer 한강 but more honestly better make by your self. My friend said : “you can find on Lotte Mart for all ingredients”.

Well oh well, finally habis. You must finish your food as clean as should be #mubazir, and kali ini yang menderita to clean up is me! -_-”

I give you, another side view of Samwon House. You can also find on the web Samwon House.

For korean culinary lover, maybe you can try it :). Oh iya. ochanya freee. But I suggested you to search more information for the most recomended korean resto. 우리 선생님 said 한강 is recomemded.

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