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71 Into The Fire

January 31, 2012

포화속으로, written by Lee Man Hee and directed by Lee Jae Han. This movie was based on true story. On August 13, 1945 Korea was liberated from Japan. The 38th parallel set the barrier between the communist North and U.S held South.

June 25, 1950 marks the beginning of the Korean War. It was the first full-scale conflict since World War II and the region around Pohang saw fierce clashes between South Korea’s 3rd Infantry Division and North Korean Forces.

For the past 40 days, South Korean forces have only been retreating. There was nowhere else to fall back. All they can do just defend and waiting for the arrival of allies’s reinforcement in the Nakdong River. They must did it, because if the enemies get through Nakdong River, all of them will over.

Then captain of Republic Korea’s 3rd Infantry Division made a strategy. He recruits 68 students and 3 students (existing recruit) to stand on the Pohang’s Girls Middle School until the allies arrive. But, North Forces knew the South Forces’s strategy. Then North Forces attack the Pohang’s Girls Middle School. It was took place on August 13, 1950. In the end, all of 71 students dead with amazingly battle. Those student soldiers delayed North Korean’s advance for 11 hours, giving time for South Korean and UN troops to counterattack later on. This incident known as The Battle of Pohang’s Girls Middle School.

Why I like this movie?
I really got a lot lessons. Recomended deh! Remind me when I saw ‘Saving Private Ryan’, have you ever seen? I watched it on last November, 2011. Telat ya ;p.

I really like captain Kang Suk Dae (Kim Seung Woo), when he chose the commander among 71 student soldiers. He chose Oh Jung Beom (Choi Seung Hyun) the existing student. Of course he chose with considerately, although a lot of students disagree with his decision. He knew there was a student who have better skill and brave than Oh Jung Beom, but for him, it wasn’t only a skill and brave. If I were him, I would do the same way too ;p. Besides the experience, the captain have ‘something’ why he chose Oh Jung Beom. I know it for sure, from his eyes. Trust me! ;p.

Oh Jung Beom feel lack of confidence when the captain decided him to be a commander. He said : “I can’t be a top commander, I never even held a higher rank before”, he also can’t do nothing like a foolish when he saw his colonel killed by North Korean forces in front of his eyes.

But, do you know what the captain said? He said “lead with your heart, if you have a pure heart and good intentions, everyone will follow you”. Well, I like his own way to make people feel secure and confident in disorder situation. Impressive. This is what I called INNER LEADERSHIP. Universe required not only skill, brave and experience but sincerity and belief. Aahh, where can I found a leader like Kang Suk Dae? #Eh?!

You’ll also can see true friendship (between Ku Kap Jo and Oh Jung Beom), trust and sacrifice in the Battle of Pohang’s Girls Middle School. Although weak in strategy, they are really brave. Put up a good fight until the end. In the early soldier level, it was amazing battle.

Choi Seung Hyun (Oh Jung Beom), also got some awards on this movie. First, 2010 Grand Bell Awards: Korean Wave Popularity Award. Second, 2010 Blue Dragon Film Awards: Best New Actor, Most Popular Stars. Third, 2011 Paek Sang Arts Awards: Best New Actor, Most Popular Actor. Choi Seung Hyun is one of Big Bang’s personnel. Do you know him? I don’t.

As usual here I give it to you the link 71 Into The Fire, enjoy it. Even I can’t compare this movie with ‘Saving Private Ryan’, but this is not bad to filled your unoccupied time. Hmm, example when you are bored on meeting or working, you can watch this movie. Do it with furtively. OBAT MUJARAB. Enjoy ya and see you on next review :).

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  1. May 21, 2012 6:33 PM

    geneza nazwy slask
    I enjoyed this, cheers katowice



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