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Visit to the Ranch… #Part 1

September 4, 2011

Thursday, September 1th 2011. My family have schedule to do some trip (visiting our elder families -our grandfather’s brother, our grandmother’s sister, my father’s elder brother, my mother’s family and my brother in law’s family-, bingung kalau dibuat family treenya) with a route as follows : Tebet-Kebayoran Baru-Cilodong-Cilebut.

After yesterday all the dishs in our house was robbed by our cousins, nieces and nephews, now is our turn to robbing another families’s house. Like in previous years, we rake out the Ied dishs (all you can eat! -haha-) and back home with many gifts brought from there (3 cans cookies, 2 big bar Dodol Jakarta, 2 kilos fruits, friut cake and many other -pokoknya, yang ada diambil deh- :D) A.K.A rob. Benar-benar ngerampok ya!

After our grandmothers and grandfathers passed away, we always celebrate Eid Al Fitr in Depok-Jakarta cause my father and mother was the elder here. So, we go to the Solo in another event.

In this time, there is something different on our trip, after visiting Tebet and Kebayoran Baru (pakai cerita nyasar di tol, perasaan lewat tiap hari -_-“), we are going to Cilodong. You know where is it? Cilodong included in Kota Depok area. Its location in front of Setu Cilodong. My mother’s family live and have ranch there, not far from our home, but I haven’t visit there, terlalu ya!. We are very amazed, when we got there. We feel like in the village with far-flung ranch and woaaahh… so many cows here!. Really love it. Saya lebih suka bau kandang sapi daripada bau rokok. Indeed!. Bisa di sewa buat dauroh ini tempatnya…. -hallahh-

On last June, in our sister’s wedding, my parents tooks the cows from here. So, if there are some of you want to order cows for wedding or Eid Al Adha, you can contact me -business-. I’m not kidding ;).

That’s my cousin and my elder sister, playing with calves. There are about 6-7 calves on there and really cute!

After that we can see dairy cows. Milk still consumed for calves, not for sale yet. Here they are …

Then we can see the bulls … all of them are provided for Eid Al Adha later.

This ranch has 1 hectare area. Besides cows (about 80 of cows), there are fishs (carp and catfish), coconut tree, rambutan trees, banana trees, cassava trees and many others. Nah, ini empangnya. Sebenarnya cukup luas, tapi lagi kering dan ikannya dipindah ke belakang. Yang lagi berdiri itu, calon generasi penerusnya… 🙂

Picturenya shaky semua, kecuali yang di smart phone si eonni, salah tehnik…, biasa pakai Canon EOS soalnya -hahaha-. And the last, this is gifts brought from there, I forgot to take banana picture-nya.

Without effort, hard work and perseverance, this ranch may never exist …, so let’s build our dreams. Bismillah…

Thanks eonni for all the pictures and my cousin -eka cantik- looks like you will become our next trip model, so prepare your self! -hahaha-


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