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Macaroni Scothel

September 4, 2011

Assalamu’alaikum. Taqobalallahu minnaa wa minkum shiyamana wa shiyamakum. Ja’alanallahu waiyyakum minal aidin wal faizin. Kullu ‘amin wa antum bikhair. Happy Ied Mubarak 1432 H.

Annyonghaseyo! Good morning everyone! it seems so long I haven’t posting on this blog -hehe-. Now, I’ll write Macaroni Schothel recipe, jangan mual ya :D.

One week before Ied, my friends asked me to make and bring Macaroni Scohtel in our ifthor jama’i program, but I haven’t has time to make it. And finally I made it on last takbiran eve and promised them to publish the recipe on my blog. So, here it is…

Basic Materials :
Macaroni 225 gr
Milk (liquid) 400 ml
Cedar cheese 150 gr (rasp the cheese and use as you want)
Smoked beef (sliced ​​lengthwise and use as you want)
Wheat flour 2 sdm (tablespoon)
Margarine 2 sdm (tablespoon)
Nutmeg 1/2 seeds (use as you want)
White pepper 1/2 sdt (teaspoon)
Salt 1/2 sdm (tablespoon)
Sugar 3/4 sdm (tablespoon)
Tomato sauce (use as you want)
Green chili (for subtitute paprika)
5 Bar sausage beef
6 Chiken eggs (you can reduce if you want and I just use 5)
2 Carrots (diced)
1 Piece of sweet corn (rasp the corn)
1 Onion (bawang bombay – diced)
3 Garlics (chopped)
3 Shallot (bawang merah – cut into small slices)
Oregano (topping)

I don’t use cream, minced beef, beef broth and parmesan cheese, you can see another recipe in Macaroni Schotel-Yenni’s Cake, silahkan diklik linknya.

How to make it :
Fisrt. Boiled macaroni (add 3 tablespoons oil to prevent sticking) until cooked then lift it and drain (tiriskan). Second. Vegetable Topping. Saute margarine, garlic, onions, shallots, green chili until fragrant. Add carrots, sweet corn, sausage beef and smoked beef until cooked then add tomatoes sauce, chili sauce, salt, sugar and a little flavoring (penyedap rasa). Spend in few minutes. Third. Mix milk, eggs, cedar cheese, nutmeg, white pepper, salt, sugar, a little flavoring and flour. Then put in macaroni and half of vegetable topping. Forth. Put the ‘batter’ in the alumunium dish (separate a little dressing), put the half of vegetable topping on the top then spirinkle cedar cheese and oregano. Last, pour a little dressing which has been separated on top to bind vegetable topping and cheese. Fifth. Baked or roasted at medium heat about 30 – 45 minutes and here they are…

Again! I’m not expert to took the picture (agak berantakan ya, udah malem soalnya! -ngeles-). I made two recipe, so I got five alumunium dishs, with size such as in the picture. I roasted it until 02.00 am at takbiran eve (cukup melelahkan!) and ate away by my big familiy within a few hours on Ied. I really felt so glad! 😉

Gomapsumnida eonni and eomonni for eggs, caroots, sweet corns, sausage beefs and smoked beefs (free chargee!!) 😀 .


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