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Pressure Cooker-Part 1 #Ayam + Ceker Pepes Presto

July 30, 2011

06.00 AM. Sunday Morning. I asked eomoni to buy some ceker (apa yak englishnya?) to make Pepes Ceker. Murah-Meriah. Have you ever? Then, I knew eomoni’s response for sure. She was agree!. It might become another story if I asked her to buy some fish, beef or the real chiken, hehe. You know the reason right?. Well, Eomoni is the best housewife in the world. She is really expert to manage household budgets. So, don’t ever ask her to buy expensive things, what ever and when ever! or you’ll get a long advised about life and money. Hi

I still ironing my clothes and watching Metro TV (Menu and Venue, one of my favorite programs) or once in a while I select TV One, as usual : waiting new ‘drama episode’ from politicians in our lovely country.

After watching Chef Haryo Pramoe cooking Vegetable Ribs Soup with ‘special stewpan’ –ngarang-, namanya panci Presto, englishnya, saya nyerah deh! -_-“. Oh iya! Pressure Cooker. Hmm, I think Pepes Ceker Presto looks interesting! Let’s try. Don’t ask me how the taste ya. Baru nyoba. Hopefully everything gonna be fine.

Today none home. My parent go to the our shop. My older sister and her husband go to his husband’s family. And uri eonni doesn’t come home this week, maybe she’s enjoy weekend with her friends now. And me? I have schedule on 03.00 – 08.00 PM . So, I can cook every time I want. Merdeka!

I was surprised, when my mother has prepared chiken, ceker, tahu and mushrooms. Well, mother always knows best. I continue to tidy up my wardrobe. I have to take apart some clothes for baksos. After that, watching Avatar, Doong Doong and Disney Movie on sunday morning : Thinkerbell on Global TV. Really nice!. By the way, have you ever seen Doong Doong? It’s a ridiculous!! Pretty for some of you who have excessive stress, what ever the reason ya!. Well…, it looks like I’m the one who have really excessive stress. Haha. Here I give it to you the link Doong Doong

I take banana leafs which have dried in the sun on roof. Then, wrapped the chiken, ceker, and tahu plus mushrooms with banana leafs. I take two pans. First, usual pan for Pepes Tahu. Second, Pressure Cooker for Pepes Ayam and Pepes Ceker Presto. Pepes Tahu done!

But, it’s not over. This is the part how foolish I’m. I just staring down the Pressure Cooker. THINK and THINK. How to use this pan? Anybody help me pleasee! -_-“. Efek lama nggak terjun ke dapur. NGELESS. I can’t remember well! Split memories. Need more time to arrange piece of memories. Hallahh. My friends always said to me, when we were in discuss “hey, where were you? are you with me?”. FIUH. What’s on my mind, actually? Have you ever felt? Hopefully not.

Hey guys, don’t worry about me, I’m fine! (emang ada yang nanya? :p).

I call and send text eonni many times, then she said “why you’re torpid now?”. Garuk-garuk kepala. Ahh, it’s mean I’m a smart and clever girl before? Alhamdulillah. Thank you!.

I did what eonni said to me. Pour 1/4 liter water in the big pan. Actually, I want to pour water into small black pan, then eonni said “babo saram!”. I put the wrapped chiken in small black pan, then close the Pressure Cooker. After 20 minutes, the water boils up. Then the sound changes like : cess-cess from velve-spindle on the top, it’s mean pan starting to process the chiken. But, the sound more fast and quick. Eotoke?. GAPTEK KITCHENWARE. Maybe it’s because steam pressure from boil away process. I just staring at the pan, afraid if suddenly blow up. So, I dimmed the fire. BABO. Begitulah wajah saya saat itu -_-“.

I send text my eonni back. Bravo!. I haven’t explain what I‘ve done, but eonni wrote “don’t dimmed the fire! emang begitu, itu Panci Uap justru apinya digedein, biar cepat mateng!”. Hebat! dia sangat mengenal kebodohan sang adik :p.

Api pun dikembalikan seperti semula. Then the sound more strong and fast. I try to stepped back and stepped back. One meter. Two meter. Three meter. Four meter. Finally I staring at the pan from family room. Haiiyyaah. After 45 minutes more, I decided to fixed the cooking steam process. I move the pan.

I saw Chef Haryo did something before he open the pan. Ahh! I must open the small valve before, to let the steam out. You can use spoon, to open the valve, cause it’s very hot and fairly high pressure. Hey, it’s nice to get free spa here. Free chargee!.

I open the leafs. Alhamdulillah. It’s work! . Delicious. Masita! tapi belum sempurna. Lumayanlah.
Pepes Tahu

Pepes Tahu-Jamur, Pepes Ayam Presto and Pepes Ceker Presto done. Tinggal dikeringkan/dipanggang sebentar saja di atas teflon. Finish. Thanks to my older sister for lend me your kitchenware.

I sit for a while in kitchen. Well…, well, looked how foolish I’m today. Fiuuhhh.

July, 24th 2011
Well, ini lebih mirip desperate article ya -_-”

Eonni (Panggilan Kakak Perempuan di Korea)
Eomoni (Panggilan Ibu di Korea)
Uri Eonni (Kakakku/Kakak kami)
Eotoke (Bagaimana)
Masita (Lezat)
Babo (Bodoh)
Saram (Orang)


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