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June 2, 2011

Look at the world so close and I’m half way to it. Look at it all, so big do I even dare? Look at me, here at last…, I just have to do it. Here I go…! (When My Life Begin – Rapunzel)

Rapunzel. This movie successfully brought me to the cinema after approximately 18 years I never went there! Amazing! :D. The last movie I saw in cinema was “Saur Sepuh” (Satria Madangkara – Pesanggrahan Keramat – Kembang Gunung Lawu – Istana Darah Biru and Istana Atap Langit, red), still remember? hehe. I was a fans Dewi Harnum and Paramita, :D. I’m sure you know both of them :D. And, it’s means Rapunzel could ‘beat down‘ Saur Sepuh in my heart after all this time, hallaahh. I don’t know, I never interested go to the cinema, I prefer watch movie at home (baca : gratisaannnn, red). I asked my eonni to download, but cause the movie still new, so a little difficult to found it :(.

Finally, on Desember, 5th 2010, I decided to watched it in cinema. But, you know? I made ​​a mistake! I watched it on a holiday, so I spent 50.000 IDR for me and my elder sister. I felt regret, if I watchad on normal days I just spent 30.000 IDR, so I lost 20.000 IDR, heuheu. (pelit banget ya saya…!).

Ok, let’s talk about the movie. This is a German fairy tale in the collection assembled by the Brothers Grimm, and first published in 1812 as part of Children’s and Household Tales. This is the story of a girl named Rapunzel. It starts with the sun. Once upon a time a single drop of sun light fell from the heavens. And from this small drop of sun, grew a magic-golden-flower. It had ability to heal the sick and injury.

Centuries past, grew a kingdom, the kingdom was ruled by a beloved King and Queen. And the Queen, well she was about to have a baby but she got sick. All the people start to look for a miracle or in this case, a magic-golden-flower. But, besides of them there’s someone who want used a magic-golden-flower to keep herself young for hundreds of years, named Mother Gothel. But the guards found that flower. The magic of the golden flower healed the Queen, then a healthy princess was born with beautiful golden hair, that’s Rapunzel.

To celebrate her birth, the King and Queen launched a flying lantern into the sky. For that one moment everything was perfect and then that moment ended. Mother Gothel broke into the castle, stole the child and just gone.

The Kingdom searched and searched but they couldn’t find the Princess for deep within the forest in a hidden tower. Gothel raised the child as her own. Gothel had found her new magic flower and she was determined to keep it hidden. But the walls of that tower couldn’t hide everything. Each year on her birthday, the King and Queen released thousand of lanterns into the sky. In hope that one day, their lost Princess, would return. And in the same time Rapunzel always watching thousand the lanterns from the windows. Oh, I’m forget, in this movie you’ll find the fremansonry symbols. I think you know what I mean guys, :).

Rapunzel just has one dream, she really wanna see a thousand starlight in the sky which always appeared on her birthday-night. Nothing has changed in her life, until she met Flynn Ryder (a thief…, more precisely a heart thief, -_-“) and offer him a deal, to act as her guide. Take her to that lanterns and return her home safely then she will return his swag to him. Then the journey begins…

They found many obstacles (of course Mother Gothel) and also friends. And Rapunzel could make others realize what a dream is. This is what Flynn Ryder called advanture. It’s so funny…, really-really funny. I guarantee you’ll laugh away throughout the movie. Oh, my most favorite character in this movie is Maximus, the White Horse’s Palace (not Prince with a White Horse ya, but just White Horse, :D) and also Pascal, the chameleon . I think, Maximus is hero in this movie.

Well, I think you could imagine what happened next . Rapunzel finally had a real family, she was a Princesss worth waiting for. Like what I said, Disney Movie is so classic, so old, so common, so basi but so fascinating. Recomended for refreshing…, hehe. Here I give you the trailer Rapunzel-Tangled.

Depok, June 2nd, 2011
I think Rapunzel’s tower is a suitable hiding place to refresh our mind from all the hectic and exhausting our life activities :D.

All those days, watching from the windows. All those years, outside looking in. All that time, never even knowing. Just how blind I’ve been. Now I’m here, blinking in the starlight. Now I’m here, suddenly I see. Standing here, it’s oh, so clear, I’m where I’m meant to be. And at last, I see the light. And it’s like the fog has lifted. And the last, I see the light. And it’s like the sky is new. And it’s warm, real and bright. And the world has somehow shifted. All at once, everything looks different. Now, that I see you…
All those days, chasing down a daydream. All those years, living in a blur. All that time never truly seeing. Things, the way they were. Now you here, shining in the starlight. Now you here, suddenly I know. If you here, it’s crystal clear. I’m where I’m meant to go. And at last, I see the light. And it’s like the fog has lifted. And the last, I see the light. And it’s like the sky is new. And it’s warm, real and bright. And the world has somehow shifted. All at once, everything looks different. Now, that I see you…
(I See The Light – Rapunzel, red).

THINK. Whaaattt?! watching from the window, never even knowing, chasing down a daydream, living in a blur, never truly seeing, just how blind I’ve been?? suddenly I know, I’m where I’m meant to be, I’m where I’m meant to go. Well…, those words totally successful made me cough -_-“.

My sister said “wowww.., these movie were really suit for you!“, then she just laugh like a drain and I just trying to interpret the song. Fiuuhhhh.


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