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How to Train Your Dragon

November 17, 2010

Sometimes watching movies give us enlightenment, of course movies that have quality! 감사합니다 to 언니 and her friends in PT. KAI who have downloaded this movie and shared it to me. And now, I write it down to share with you guys…

Two weeks ago, 언니 was giving me three movies: ‘Alvin and The Chipmunks‘, ‘The Princess and The Frog‘ and ‘How to Train Your Dragon‘. Actually, that movies has been released a long time ago, but I just watched it two weeks ago (yahh konsekuensi gratisaan :), red).

How to Train Your Dragon…., at the beginning I watched it… I was confused, what the story tells about? but, l fall in love with this movie right away :). I was so amazed! Yup…, chemistry between Hiccup and Toothless which was amazing. It is just fiction but there some lesson on it.

Hiccup is the son of a head of Viking. Vikings regard him as a weak child, untalented and useless. He wasn’t able to kill the dragon -that is always disturbing his village-. He always deemed as a troublemaker at time people was at scrapped with the dragons. Until, unintentionally his roundshot hit one dragon, which called Night Fury (the dreaded dragon, never seen and killed by the Vikings before), but he didn’t know where the dragon has gone.

When his father and people always deemed him as a troublemaker, Hiccup escape into the forest and suddenly found the wounded dragon. He came closed and was proud of himself for successfully shoot. He was really want kill the dragon. Apparently he-hasn’t-able-to-kill. Finally, he helped and accompanied the dragon also made a artificial wing for Toothless -the dragon-. This is where friendships are intertwined. Interesting! Hmm…, you wanna know the next story? please watch this movie…

Animation’s effect is almost good, I should watch it with 3D. Well…, How to Train Your Dragon is not superficial movie, it’s –deeply– and full of –sacrificial-. We can see how Hiccup against the father’s narrow thoughts and give an explanation to his father : there is reason why the dragons always attacked his village. One more scene that was fascinating, when I saw he tamed the dragon and made became of his friends.

Wonderful ending, when Hiccup and Toothless together (Hiccup with iron legs and Toothless with artificial wings). Their friendship and sacrifice bring Vikings to the prosperity and peace. At last Vikings live together with the dragons.

Recomended to refresh our mind…
Melihat musuh dengan ketulusan dan kebersihan hati…
Melihat musuh dengan pikiran yang jernih dan wawasan yang luas…
Then arrange the strategy…. (hallaaah :(_red)


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