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Wedding Dress

August 29, 2010

I watched this movie about six months ago …, but I just have time to write it down now. Hmm…, after I watched this movie, I don’t know what I have to say…, this movie provides many lessons …, how precious love and nurture of a mother …

Wedding Dress (웨딩드레스). She is a wedding dress designer and single mom, has only a limited days to life because of cancer. Before parting from her young daughter, she wants to do everything she can for her daughter, including making a beautiful wedding dress for her daughter in the future. There is no mother who doesn’t love her child …, as well as a father. Really not easy being a career woman and at the same time becomes a intelligent and wise mother. Particulary becomes good role models for their children, of course there are a lot of conflicts!! How she could communicate with her little sweety daugther ‘lovingly‘…, that was really fascinated!! (gazing at thoughtfully… :)_red).

Well…, I can’t say anymore, it is very touching and definitely make you cry! Recommended to all of you whose work as a career woman as well as housewives. You will not regret watching this movie and I’ll guarantee!
Bring some tissues ya… if you watch this movie (it’s a really tearjerker 🙂 )


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