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The Way Home…

June 20, 2010

For me, the best thing to refresh our mind on the weekend is reading or writing… or watching movie. And now time to watching! (minimize budget, cause I got it from my sister… freeee download !, ;)). Very recommended for all of you, I mean this movie (watch the original ya :D).

If we often watching movie about mother’s love …, today I watched a movie tells about grandmother’s love.

The Way Home (Jibeuro-집으로). Dedicated to grandmothers everywhere. A touching story about a spoiled 7-year old city boy (Sang Woo) being dropped off by his mom to the rural mountain town where his grandma lives (77-year old). The mom has no choice, cause she’s single mother and must seek for job to faring their life. The grandmother is a hunchback lady with serious osteoporosis from bending over low stoves all her life. She’s also mute and illiterate. Despite the physical setbacks, she works diligently without complaining. Her character is so cute, you’ll fall in love with her right away.

At first, Sang Woo treats his grandma with disrespect and apathy. The grandma is unable to speak and has diminished mental faculties, making communication difficult. He tries to keep himself occupied with the things he brought with him from the city: rollerblades, toys, coca cola and others. Furthermore, the country lifestyle, without the modern conveniences of television or running water, comes as a bit of shock and his activity is only playing video games. Frustrated by his new home, Sang-woo begins to lash out, which includes calling his grandmother a ‘retard’. He assumes she’s a country bumpkin because she’s unfamiliar with the trappings of the modern world (How could she possible not know what Kentucky Fried chicken is??!!).

But despite her grandson’s bratty and disrespectful behavior, the grandma displays the patience of a saint as she quietly goes about her business of cooking his meals, washing his clothes, and gathering his drinking water from the local well. Scene that fascinating, when was the grandma went to traditional market that very far from her home, then sell the farm cropping and bought a chicken, walking under a very heavy rain without complaint. Once, when grandma tucked the money on video games to buy batteries then she wrapped it with gift paper and put in the grandson’s bag toys. It’s heartwarming…, really a touching scene!

Over time, her persistence eventually pays off, as a maturing Sang Woo slowly comes to appreciate the sacrifices that have been made to give him a home. Of course Sang Woo learns some important lessons about love, kindness, and selflessness.

The most remarkable thing about this movie is Eul-boon Kim, the woman who plays the grandmother. She had never even seen a movie before acting in this one! The director Jeong-hyang Lee found her during an extensive talent search among real rural village people.

Bring some tissues if you watch this movie (it’s a tearjerker :))

All my grandparents was passed away…, and this movie make me realize how bad my attitude. Not only with my grandparents but also to my parents… :(, and of course you don’t have a bad attitude like me… :). So…, it’s very recomended and I believe you will not regret it.


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