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Standing by The Window

June 20, 2010

00:15 AM. Sudirman-Thamrin still busy. Standing by the window, stared out how beautiful shining lights the skyscraper buildings in downtown Jakarta. I staring at the sky…, realize how big the Greatness of Allah, because without Allah’s permission humans are not able to create all of this. Took a deep breath then let it blow. Well…, time for muhasabah. Thought a lot of what was life about and why I’m standing here. Surely, Allah has a big plan for each us. Nothing happens by chance in this world and how we’re able to understand…, make sense all of it. Just do my best …, and let the results to the Allah.

I wiped my tears… (weeww…, I don’t want to effuse my feeling here :), red)

Standing here and saw this scene is like being in Seoul. (Infected hallyu wave :D, red). While many people spending time to refresh their mind from all the hectic and exhausting office activities on various places both in and outside the country, but for me staring at beautiful sky and shining lights the skyscraper buildings in this room with the rhythm of old song…, that was enough … :). (Freee chargeee ;), red)

Do you know why I like to see an office building which is still lit even if working hours were over? Yups… I saw people who once completed the totality of his duties. Dedication and loyal service, proper highly appreciated for people like these. They know how hard work was necessary. I like workacholic person!! :D.

I dunno…, every time I saw people who are smart and working hard, it’s really awesome! I believe they are the ones who succeed. When others fell asleep, they are still struggling to run their duties. Whoever they are! Totality, without limitation, through the time. I often feel far left behind and stagnate when I saw my friends have become successful people. I asked my self : “what I’ve done so far? just spending time with vain” how foolish I’m.

But, all I know everyone has its own path toward a successful. Just do our best (QS. At Taubah :105).

Fiiuuuhhh…, still staring at the sky …, tucked million hope amid the skyscraper buildings. And let the wind drove up to The Owner’s Life.

You taught me to run…
You taught me to fly…
You’ve opened my eyes to something I’ve never known before.
“Then which of the favours of your Lord will you deny?”.

June 15th, 2010 at 00.30 AM
Pra Rakernas Panas Bumi se-Indonesia…
18th Floor at Grand Sahid Jaya Hotel
My honour for you cause you’re ahead of me, even you don’t know where I’m…
May Allah bless you…


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