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Bumi Cinta…

June 13, 2010

I’m-be-bent-on-to-wrote-down-every-book that I’ve read and try to share with another even just a little, although-I’m-not-really-like-a-romance story (exhausting…, 😛 red). But I will tried to wrote down the other side of this novel…

By and by…, this book has given me a lot of information panoramic beauty in one place. City that’s very far from my imagination and my own life, of course…, because I’ve never been there :D.

Bumi Cinta, a romance novel with a story that still carries religious significance as a novel predicate builder soul. In this time, Mr. Habiburrahman tried to explore the beauty of Russia, especially in Moscow.

The story tells a young Indonesian man named Muhammad Ayyas, a graduate student from Medina and continuing post-graduate programs in Delhi, India intend to do research work on Life of Muslims in Russia during the Stallin’s reign. He arrived in Russia and living in the country’s most upholds free sex and pornography as well as beautiful girls in the city of Moscow. This is where the conflict begins. Faith, respect and closeness to the Gods that must be maintained. Not easy indeed. How did Ayyas struggled to maintain his sense of honour…, please read this novel.., he.

Hmm, every time I read the Habiburrahman’s novel is a bit difficult to comment, but I try to objectively. When I search article has related to this novel, many people have opinions : the main character in this story are ‘perfect prominent figure‘. Extremely intelligent, godfearing, modesty, has a great social sensitivity, very romantic and other fascinating character. As we know in previous novels, a little bit like Fahri and Azzam.

Mr. Habiburrahman surely has a special mission to bring the figure such of that characters. But in my opinion, perfection actually is a someone’s foible…, hehe. Well, there’s nothing wrong, it depends how we look at all…, right? You certainly have your own opinions.

After I read it, I felt the plot was fairly flat. But I don’t want to raise it, that I want to raise here is this story laden with a contents of da’wah and seem definite Moscow with a vitally detail, from strategic locations, historic buildings, the metro which is the pride of Moscow society, lifestyle communities and other things. All illustrated with very clear and detailed. Depiction of the perfect scene was beautifully done and perfectly could sweep away over the reader though being in Moscow. That is a specal quality of Mr. Habiburrahman.

If many people said this is a hanging story, I don’t think so. This is the art of writing, Mr. Habiburrahman submit the end a story at each reader’s perception …., that’s good!

Depok, May 2010
Thanks to Mba Retno…, my beloved neighbor’s who has lent me this book …
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Terminal D of Sheremetyevo International Airport

Sheremetyevo Airport. Scenery at night..., I don't know this picture was taken from which side, because I've never been there. He

Kwartina Apartment. Ayyas residence with two Russian women.

Metro Smolenskaya. Artistic....

Metro Kievskaya. High level of architectural art...

Metro Komsomolskaya..., grandiose... isn't it?

Red Square

Lomonosov Moscow State University

Metropole Hotel which were targeted bomb in this story

Indonesian Embassy in Moscow


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