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A Very Yuppy Wedding…

February 20, 2010

A Very Yuppy Wedding
…, this is the first book that has published before Divortiare. Well…, once again, from this novel I learned about the business banker’s life in one of the largest banks in Indonesia. Hectic!! Have dinner with clients, visits to projects around Indonesia also piles feasibility analysis task for prospective clients. Hmm, really interesting and exhausting. This novel tells about works, career, personal relationships (I mean love with various kinds of conflict, red) until the decision to get married.

Recommended for all of you, if wanna know a little more bussiness banker’s life. You know, although it’s just only novel but I’m sure it was born from the experience in the people around her that inspired to becoming a novel. He. “Writing, for anyone is the Solitary but creativity will not be born without the interaction” (Ika Natassa in A Verry Yuppie Wedding). I really agree with this quote, thanks to Miss Ika Nattassa …, you’ve taught me many things through this book.

Depok, Penghujung Januari 2010
Bersama suara Jangkrik yang kian bergema di sepertiga malam…


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