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Divortiare …

February 20, 2010

Someone said to me, “You know that the writer may be born from a good reader, besides the willingness, experience and commitment in writing. So read everything there are around you and absorb the substances“. I thought for a moment and then said “Well…, I’ll do that!!”.

Divortiare. This novel became one of my choices. You know what made me interested to buy it? I like the cover. That’s very simple, elegant and full of meaning. Actually last year I’ve ‘glanced‘ at the book, but I realized it wasn’t a priority at the moment and of course very-limited-budget. Haha.

Well…, I’m not Miss Alexandra, a shopaholic and brandholic women…, who always spend money for the luxury fashions and others or just for a cup of coffee on starbucks that charge very expensive prices…, almost-every-day, can you imagine? Fiuuhhh. For me double chocolate cream frapp grande on starbucks was worth two books with 30% discount at TM Book Store complete with neatly palstic cover and also ‘investasi ilmu‘ for my kids later. He. Oh ya…, you want to know who’s Miss Alexandra? Please read this novel! I believe you will not regret it.

Smart. That’s what I said when I read this story. Really smart writing’s style and makes me in awe. This novel tells about a divorce female banker’s life. Hmm…, interesting! Maturity, love, career, high self-esteem and selfishness that should be able to be bound by a ‘commitment‘, but the reality is not as easy as you imagine. Wow…, how to maintain love in need a lot of sacrifice…, include high self-esteem! Well…, I will consider about ‘it’ again. (it : married! Hahaha_red).

Love will be born from a commitment or commitment will be born from a love?
Hmm…, different meaning, right?!

Thank you for Miss Ika Natassa, I really enjoy reading this novel and really feel the energy of modern urban life…, indeed!.

Depok, Penghujung Januari 2010
Sitting in a corner cafe with a glass of double chocolate cream, just to unwind and find inspiration. Felt like an urban communities. Jeezzz…, really expensive!! I would’nt do it again unless there’s someone willing to pay the bill. Ditengah TOEFL saya yang semakin TIARAP!!! 😦

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